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Seasonal Camping at Four Seasons at Raystown Lake Camping Resort

May 1 - November 15

Seasonal sites are discounted campsites that are available for a designated camping season. You provide the camping equipment, usually a travel trailer, fifth wheel, motor home or pop-up camper. Four Seasons at Raystown Lake provides a spacious campsite with clean filtered water, metered 30/50 amp electric, municipal sewer, Wi-Fi, optional DirecTV and optional dry boat parking. All of our sites include a picnic table and fire pit. We provide first-class recreational facilities in a gated community. Please call, text or email us if you are interested in a seasonal site.

What is Seasonal Camping Like?
Seasonal camping at Four Seasons at Raystown Lake is like having a summer vacation home, without the hassles! Seasonal families form friendships with each other that go well beyond our camping resort. Seasonal families appreciate that the management and staff at Four Seasons at Raystown Lake is looking out for them and the campground. The management and staff want to ensure a safe and high quality vacation for all.

How do we pick a Seasonal Site?
We have a selected number of seasonal campsites. The number and selection available depends on how many sites are already reserved and who is returning for the next camping season. If you are considering seasonal camping at Four Seasons at Raystown Lake, we suggest that you visit our camping resort to see all we have to offer and to choose one of the available sites. If all seasonal sites are full, we are happy to put your name on a waiting list. Once you are on a seasonal site, you get first choice for that same site for the following season.

How do we reserve a Seasonal Site?
To reserve a campsite, give us a call at 814.477.1005. You can also text us at 814.404.6397 or email us at fourseasonscamping@gmail.com. We will help you fill out all of the paperwork. You are required to sign a contract called a Site Agreement for Camping. You must also read and sign the Rules and Regulations. Return the paperwork with a $300.00 security deposit. Once your application has been approved, $300.00 will be put into the security deposit account. The funds do not earn any interest. The deposit will be returned to you no later than 90 days, if you do not renew at the end of your contract. Any outstanding bills will be deducted from your security deposit.

Can We Change Seasonal Sites?
Yes, if there are other sites we offer as seasonal that are available, the site can moved, even in mid-season. The rate that prevails on the new site will begin with the new Site Agreement for Camping. If you want to move to a seasonal site that is already taken, your name will be put on a wait list. Contact the office. Everything has to be put into writing. Verbals do not count.

Can I use my site all year long?
Seasonal campers can come to their site during the winter months, but they are not guaranteed any of the campground amenities.

If you prefer to have access during the winter months, please ask us for a Full Time Site Agreement rate plan.

Anyone who stays at the campground 7 days a week will be required to pay for an upgraded Full Time Site Agreement. Examples are people working in the area or snowbirds.

Seasonal camping is for people who typically come to spend their weekends or long holidays at the campground.

Where do we get a camper? What kind should we get?
At Four Seasons at Raystown Lake, we offer several options for each individual camping experience. We are the exclusive dealer for park model homes. Park model homes have a different site agreement and yearly fee. Park model homes are built with different specifications than a travel trailer. It is easier to camp in the colder months because each park model home has great insulation.

Camping trailers come in many sizes. Slide-outs help to make the inside of your travel trailer have a lot more space. People can purchase brand new travel trailers or look for a used travel trailer. If you are looking to purchase a used travel trailer, be sure that it is less than 15 years old. If your current camper is older than 15 years, please check with management for consideration. The age is determined from the vehicle identification number.

We also sell approved hard awnings and three or four-season rooms for your camper or park model home. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Do we need a big, expensive tow vehicle to be seasonal campers?
Absolutely not! In fact, many of our seasonal families do not own tow vehicles. They buy their trailers from dealers who deliver the units directly to the campsite. Then the seasonal families come to the park in their usual vehicles.

Should you change sites, as long as the unit has a regular hitch, we will tow the trailer to your new site for a small fee. We cannot tow fifth wheel trailers, which have special hitches that hook up in the bed of a pickup truck.

How and when do we make payments?
Payments are made through our online sytem. You can make payment arrangements for 1, 4 or 12 payments. Each payment will incur a $5.00 administrative fee. If you choose to pay by check, there will be a $15.00 administrative fee for each payment.


DATES: The seasonal rate covers limited seasonal camping by the family who holds the site agreement. The campground is open from May 1 - November 15. After the campground is officially closed, the management does not guarantee any amenities including water, electrical, Wi-Fi or sewer, DirecTV or free dry boat parking. The management does not guarantee that the driveway will be plowed. The seasonal camper holds the campground harmless for any natural conditions that could occur.

The electricity is metered on your site. You pay for what you use.

Guest fees apply to all people who you invite to use any part of the resort. Examples would be the pool, bath house, game room and outdoor games and parking. You are required to present your guest at the office and pay the appropriate guest fee.

If you simply invite your guest to your campsite, there is no fee, but your guest may still pay a daily parking fee and be required to park outside of the gate. Your guest must be registered with the office or campground host. Your guest must obey all campground rules and regulations and comply with curfew times. Your guest is your responsibility. If your guest does not comply with the campground rules and regulations, management will escort the guest out of the campground. Due to our insurance regulations, your guest’s pets are not permitted in the campground. Guests may not invite their guests.

Resort Pass prices are available in the camp office. The passes let your guests enjoy the pool, game room or outdoor activities. You should decide (in advance) if you are paying for your guest or if your guest is paying to use the resort.

For current seasonal site holders who renew for the following year, we offer FREE on-site camper storage, as long as your site agreement and deposit check are in the office by September 1st of each year.


  • Seasonal sites are for individual families. Sharing a seasonal campsite between two families, such as alternating stays between two sets of parents and children, is not permitted, without written management approval and an exception agreement being on file.
  • There are specific policies regarding seasonal camping. These are described in the seasonal agreement that you sign. Site alterations are not permitted. Tents cannot be erected on your site. Sheds cannot be brought into the campground without the approval from management. There are guidelines for the construction of decks and sheds. All decks and sheds must be approved by management before they can be built. See the agreement and our general Four Seasons Rules and Regulations for other guidelines.

Phone: 814.477.1005 / Fax: 814.867.1221
email fourseasonscamping@gmail.com


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